• Relaunching my personal website as a blog
  • Committing to sharing more in public as a maker
  • Building systems to be accountable.

My focus this week

Building a personal blog. Previously my online presence was only in a simple landing page I coded and hosted at GitHub (you can find it here, so I don't have any content to migrate to the blog.  Moreover, the previous site was built with advertising myself as a dev in mind, not a maker, so a lot of stylistic changes are necessary.

My key goal in building a personal blog as a maker is having somewhere permanent to share write-ups of both my progress and the things I learn. Twitter is fun but navigating a person's thousands of tweets is difficult, so hopefully, this site will be a more apt timeline of my journey as a maker.

What I Achieved

  • Launched Personal Ghost blog (via Gloat by Dan Rowden)
  • Wrote 3 articles for, and 2 for CertiFriedIT. I also penned a few extra articles for a project I plan to launch next month.
  • Spent a lot of time studying Windows Server, Azure and, data science.

What I Read

  • 30% of ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ by Ramit Sethi
  • A couple chapters of ‘English Grammar for Dummies’. If I’m going to be writing more I may as well revise my English 🤣
  • This thread by Justin Kan (Founder of Twitch) on how to form meaningful relationships
  • Praising a smart play by some enterprising designers, Rob Hope shares and elaborates on an opportunistically created and elegantly designed landing page.
  • All the tweets about $GME. To the moon! 🚀

Something I’ve Learned

Power to the people: if we band together we really can make a change. Millions of retail investors inspired by Wall Street Bets led one of the most insane bull runs of legacy retail stock GameStop, wiping billions of dollars off the value of short selling hedge funds.