Short answer? Accountability.

I’ve been making and tinkering for a long time.

However, like many amateur makers, after taking a new job a few years ago, making took a place on the back burners so my career could be my focus.

Prioritising other things over making is fine. But slowly, as making moves further and further to the back of my mind, the light of my focus on it dims so too has my satisfaction.

Making is fun. There is no thrill greater than that of hitting Launch or Run or Publish.

So, as a protest against my serious ‘ex-maker’ self, I joined Launch MBA in late November of last year. Launch MBA is a community of makers who motivate each other and hold each other accountable, whilst working towards the incredibly ambitious goal of launching 12 products in 12 months, using no-code tools.

Since joining this community I have made making my primary focus in my free time.

Later, in December last year, I also made the commitment to document everything I do and build in public via a public Twitter account josh_caulfield. I love using Twitter to share what I know and learn from others. But tweets are short-lived. An hour after posting a tweet is stale and a week after posting a thread is buried. So I wanted somewhere more permanent than Twitter.

This website is an extension of those goals. First, I hope this site will serve as a portfolio like any other, long due a refresh. Second, here I can share longer-form writeups of my progress and the things I’ve learned.

In summary

This blog will be my home as a maker. I will share my successes and my failures, I will highlight every lesson I learn.

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Here's to making!